RX 3D colaboration.

1.-Several reconstructed models using phantomas

Realistic phantomas reconstruction.

3D stands for clinic in some aspects that need polishing and can provide enhanced devices.

Our work in enhancing conventional X-ray can be applied in several scenarios where much of the technology can still be exploited.

These task includes CT, and image registration, that can be usefull for companies working in robotic environment, and 3D multimodality image registration that can be latter be exploded in other clinical enviromnets.

Current activities

We are actively working in a prototipe of a device to provide fixing to patient that can be latter applied in several scenarios, such as preccission surgery, mother cell implants, and more.

We are in contact with severl hospitals, interested in technology, and companies willing to deploy tools and devices based in this ground technology, and colabirating with the Instituto Biomecánico de Valencia (IBV), which is helping us in providing mechanical and other related tools to improve this technology.

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